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Grannies tips and hints

Try some of these ideas to solve some of your daily problems. Pass on your favourite hints & tips.
Dull jewellery
If you want to recover the shine of jewellery that has become dull, you don't have to do more than get a soft toothbrush, and gently brush with some toothpaste. Rinse it with hot water and dry it well. The result is astonishing
Grease stains
If you get a grease stain on a garment, put corn flour on the stain until the flour dries, and rub vigorously with a brush dampened with white vinegar. Then wash in the usual way.
Cleaning china
It is normal that white china that is not used for some time the white finish becomes darkened. To solve the problem so that it is totally pristine white again, leave it in a basin full with hot water with some bleach. After a while, wash it as usual and it is impeccable again.
Overcome headache
Impeccable toilets & bathrooms
To eliminate lime scale in the toilet, bath, or sink of the bathroom, use a piece of cotton wool soaked in lemon juice. It is most effective with little or no effort.
Golden crispy fried fish.
Your fish will be perfectly fried if you put it in a little milk before flouring it. Also, put it into the pan when the oil is very hot, but not smoking. You will love the crispy coating.
Tired feet
To relax your feet and ease tiredness boil a 100g bunch of mint, strain the mint from the water and put the liquid in a basin of cold water. Soak your feet for 10 minutes. Enjoy.
Brilliant windows and mirrors
The windows and mirrors will be perfectly clean and shiny if you use water and ammonia to clean them. But also, don't forget to dry them with kitchen paper. They will be brilliant.
If you buy sour oranges
After buying oranges you find to be a bit sour for your taste. Cut them in quarters and toss them in a little salt. Although you wont believe this. Doing this will remove the acidity that is so unpleasant and they won't taste salty.
For juicer lemons before squeezing them, put them some minutes in hot water or in a preheated warm oven. You will get more juice than you can ever imagine
Apples saviour
When you eat outside and don't have a toothbrush, request a dessert apple for your sweet. This helps to digest your food, it cleans and disinfects the mouth and, also, you will have you a very fresh one.


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