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[22:30] Those who reverence the rites decreed by GOD have deserved a good reward at their Lord. All livestock is made lawful for your food, except for those specifically prohibited for you. You shall avoid the abomination of idol worship, and avoid bearing false witness.

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Soup Tips and Hints
The best soups are made with a base of homemade stock and fresh ingredients. Obviously this can be a time-consuming endeavor. You can reduce your time in the kitchen by using canned or frozen broths or bouillon bases. Even so, plan on taking your time with a good soup or stew.

Fresh ingredients are best, but some canned or frozen vegetables will work well, such as peas, green beans and corn.

Ideally, cold soups should be served in chilled dishes.

If the soup is not intended as the main course, you can count on 1 quart to serve 6. As a main dish, plan on 2 servings per quart.

Savory soups and stews always taste better if made a day or two in advance and reheated just before serving.

Check seasonings of cold soups just before serving as chilled foods tend to dull the taste buds and will need more seasoning than hot soups.

If your hot soup ends up slightly salty, add a whole, peeled potato to the soup and simmer for about 15 minutes to absorb salt. Remove the potato and serve. (Save the potato for the cook's treat!)

Be aware that herbs will have a more intense flavor if added at the end of the long cooking process.




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